Ganpati Cashew

How cashew nuts are healthy for hearts?

Cashew nuts can be described under the criteria of ‘foods improving heart health’, mainly due to its hearty way in dealing with a person’s health, mainly the heart. As fancy as the latter statement sounds, cashews do have a high content of monosaturated fats which when supplied in appropriate amounts to the body, can work wonders revolving around health.

Cashew health benefits cannot be fit into a specific category as it has a broad base where it works to improve overall functioning of the body. The best part about these benefits are its effect on the heart through a blend of monosaturated fat, Vitamin E and fiber, all of which falls under the category of heart healthy nutrients. These three when measured quantity wise are not present in large amounts in cashews, but can be said as sufficient to keep the heart healthy.

The most important is the monosaturated fats which work in decreasing the bad cholesterol levels within the body. This so called bad cholesterol works in several ways, mostly clogging arteries and weakening heart function. The presence of Oleic acid in cashews also work toward improving heart conditions. These two components play a powerful role in being a buffer toward heart attacks as they promote cardiovascular health in very many ways.

The small amount of Vitamin E present in cashews acts as a powerful weapon against the formation of plaque in the arteries. This will therefore prevent the main problems arising out of this and that is chest pain, coronary artery disease and heart attacks. Cashew nuts also help in decreasing the high triglyceride levels present in naturally in the body which often increases risk of heart disease. This is where the role of monosaturated fats play the lead.

The presence of arginine in Cashew nuts have been proven to protect the artery walls by safeguarding its inner lining. All these components when combined into one group of edibles improve function and secure the body in its functioning.

Cashew health benefits are extremely generous in their distribution affecting each and every part of a person’s body. Through these benefits it impacts the heart in all the right ways by improving its functioning and protecting its existing state. There are no limits to the positive role played by cashews as research and study is seen to be bringing out plenty of perks from cashew consumption.

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